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Monday, April 14, 2008

Words can't describe how sad & lonely I am now. I may have fun with my friends & my family. But deep inside my heart only god knows how much I miss him & how badly I want him to be right beside me. It's ironic that when he's around, we tend to have argument non-stop. But without him now, it feels different. 1.35pm was the last call I received from him before he make his way to the forest. Forest = no reception till 17 April. I'm pretty ok with it. But he will be going back again to the forest on 23 April for 1 week. So you do the math when he will be back. Sigh.

I'm so used of him greeting me every morning & every night. Hearing his voice once I woke up from my sleep really makes my day. I'm always looking forward for his sms/call. At least I can feel that he's with me. I was over the moon when I saw his tag on my blog. :) Reading other's blog, seeing how happy they are with their couple, makes me jealous. I miss the every weekend outing with him, sleeopver at my place, doing stuffs together. I told myself that this will be over soon & he will be back. The only thing that I can do is to pray for his safety. Girls like me tend to suffer when their guy is in army.

I'll update with not so many pics once my mood is pretty alright. No mood to blog too. Thus, my oh so random post.

1:38 PM

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