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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tags Replied!

Diyana: alamak gurl...zaman ape sy adr imposter ni sume...dey got nthg betta to do izit??? ishk...
Irah: Tahu takper. Aku rasa muka dorang buruk sangat. Tu pasal curik gambar-gambar orang lain.

Ina: hey bebeh! thanks for droppin by my blog. realli envy u guys!such a loving couple:)
Irah: Thanks ina! Awww, we maybe loving but at times not.

Annie: hoho.. ur famous leh! hee.. Get well soon! =)
Irah: No way I am! Just pissed off cause she is using my pics & anything can happen. Oh well, I'm ok already. Only that time of month, I will confirm sick!

Ashie: hihi! haha! didnt know u go to my blog and read all my stupid posts. lol. thks anyway.
Irah: It's not even stupid ok! I love reading your blog & see your gorgeous pictures!

Faziee: hey! the reason why those imposter stealing your pics is becos they are too ugly to even show their photos to the world, thats why they steal pretty photos like urs! :)
Irah: Not only me, even some of my friends kene tau. They are a bunch of fake people!

Wsb: for competitive prices on clothes and accessories, pls visit www.blessedbeau.blogspot.com thanks!
Irah: Will check it out alright!

Annie: hey! we wanted to go cycling on sat too! but im still sick.. haa.. so like... too bad.. haa.. good u enjoyed it! =)
Irah: Haiya! If not, we will bump into each other if you went. Yes, I enjoyed it very much.

Sadiq: ouuuuiiii... add eh.... eh bukan... link eh...
Irah: Ah yer. Mane link kau? Macam mane aku nak link kalau kau tak letak?

Atiq: Wah the imposter has nothing to do is it? Tsk such people exist. Anyway relink me. Nice to see you the other day! Take care. :)
Irah: Precisely! They still exist! OMG. Nice seeing you too. So unexpected! Will relink you soon.

annevelysia: moved! sorry..
Irah: Will link you sweets!

Mrs Itik: hey love . Have u added me in frenster? ((: add me up kays .. ((: n msn too . stay sweet .
Irah: Hello gorgeous mum to be! Not yet. Will soon add you in msn & friendster k. Anyway, you still look gorgeous even you are pregnant. Don't worry!

Ina: thanks ira!my makeup skills havent reached the professional level yet,still working on it..wanna link up?:)
Irah: But I love it. Very nice & lovely. Just love it. Like this, I can ask you for make-tips? *winks* Link you already sweets! Link me up too!

Berry: OMG LAH! so sadd.. azim away for so longg.. i pity u babe. *hugs*
eee.. budak gila mana seh buat frenster acc impose as kau. da tkde keje ke org dalam dunia ni. haahah
Irah: Terperanjat aku, kau tag! Mane kau menghilang? Dah tak blog ke? 1 month will be soon over. Then he'll be back. Tahu takper, orang macam gini patut mampus.

Annie: Once you pull through the test you move onto the next level.. a better one.. closer to God.. =)
Irah: Hey babe, your sms in the morning cheer me up ok! :) Hope you doing good with Zuhri.

Waney: hello! happy 3dr year anny! may i two last long yeah!
Irah: Thank you hot momma! Your son too cute lah! Like want to pinch his cheeks. It felt like just yesterday when i read your old blog then stumpled your new blog. So happy for you that you are blissfully married.

Nooren: hey dear.. it was nice seeing u as well.. well ur small boy is nt so small now after ns huh.. hehe.. n i understand how u feel.. i was missing my bf like crazy when he went on a trip for 5 days.. i cant imagine being away with him for a mth..my entry reminded me of the past as well.. bt i love ur latest entry.. it reminded me how beautiful the present actually is.. and that is all that matters... *hugs*
Irah: Nice meeting you. I thought you wave to someone else but after seeing again, then I recognized it's you. He's still behave like one small boy. Yes, what past is past. I'm looking forward for the future!

Passerby: happy 3 years with your guy... there's more to come in the coming years..;)
Irah: Thank you so much. It will be great if you tag with your name.

To Yan or whatever your name is.
I don't give a damn about your comment. If my bf's really at MOS, can you prove it to me? FYI, not even one soul can leave the camp after 12am. There's MP guard at his camp's gate whenever anybody want to go in and out. So please get the facts right into your brain! Jolly well, fuck off from my life. Don't be such a busybody! Get that into your pea brain.

Alright, all tags replied. Love replying to tags. I just had dinner a while ago. Home cooked curry & sambal chicken, so scrumptious! And it's COMPULSORY for me to have chicken whenever I'm eating cause I don't really favour fish, beef, mutton & veggies. It took quite a while for me to chew the food cause of my ulcer. Ewwww, how I hate ulcer popping into my mouth. And pimples are popping too one by one. Arghhh! Maybe I'm too stress or does not have enough sleep.
Oh, I hate the beginning & at the end of the month. Beginning because of workload and ending because of period cramps! Like really, killer cramps will attack me each month. I don't know what's up with me. The pain will be unberable. The bf been pestering me to go for a check up but I've been postponing it. Sigh. The good thing at the end of the month is simply payday! I mean who doesn't like payday right?!

Right now, I'm so excited for the upcoming may. Simply because bf's is coming back on 6 may, which I very the semangat take leave already. :) And my colleagues been planning a small birthday surprise for my admin manager before she take leave. So I hope everything goes well. I love my job! I love my work! I love my colleagues! I love my manager! I just love working in this company. I'm feeling so bloggy right now. Alright, nighty nigh readers!

I'll promise to re-link/link tomorrow alright! Getting sleepy already.

9:28 PM

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