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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The bf & I were lazy to go out far, like town. Usually we will go out somewhere far every weekend. Basically I accompanied to buy his Taiwan trip's stuff. We ate at delifrance for the fruit tarts & heavy lunch at KFC. Real heavy till both of us were bloated. We slacked at my house, spent quality time together .At night, my mum iniatied to eat boon lay nasi lemak. Damn, the queue was long & the nasi lemak taste the same like any nasi lemak out there. Nothing special at all. Of course I & the bf did not eat dinner. We were still full. After the bf went home, mum, my sis & me had a heart to heart talk that last till 1am. It's quite surprising that our own cousin can backstab my sis. What can I say; karma will hit her back sooner or later. Please look your ownself in the mirror. You're not one angel that is so perfect. People make mistake too. I slept quite later, probably around 4am because I was thinking of the bf every single minute as he’s leaving Taiwan the next day. I decided to write a letter, sincerely from my heart. Sprayed perfume over the letter. What a typical romance letter like the old days.

It was our 3rd year anniversary today but the weird thing I felt sad. He has to fly on our anniversary. I woke up at 7am whereas the previous day I slept at 4am. I was feeling giddy & my eyes were so sepet. I wished I can continue my sleep but I need to collect the cupcakes at 8.30am, Outram Park. Met the bf at starbucks for our dosage of frappe & cheesecake before heading to his aunt place to send some stuffs. Slacked at his home & could not believe that his mum taught me how to cook rendang. Had chicken rendang for lunch together with his parents. The silly bf of mine need to alter his pants so go out again and back to his home. I was too tired by then & took a nap for a while. Trained ride to paya lebar to exhance Taiwan money cause of the high rate. Had heavy dinner at Mr Teh Tarik where I get to meet Nooren. Hello Nooreen! Nice to meet you, sweets. Then it was time to send him to the airport. His flight was delayed till 3am & I gave up at 2am cause I was too sleepy by then. Since his dad accompanied him for his flight, I cabbed back home. I hugged him so tight & cried. Yes, we both cried. 1 month plus without him will be a torture. Sigh. The cab fare was a killer! 45 bucks gone like that!

Sigh. I’m missing him so much.

9:34 PM

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