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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The past two days were spent time with my babes, Jaz & Dinah. I'm trying to recalled what we did. So yeah, tuesday was just spent chit-chatting at community club near dinah's place. That's when we plan for this saturday outing. Yesterday was a last minute to meet up Dinah together with her classmate, Farah at jurong east entertainment. Coincidentally Jaz was at jurong east pasar malam too. So the four of us played pool. So that's it. Sadly, no pictures taken. This saturday will be bombarded with pictures. Promise!

As usual, time for tags session.

Nooreen: hey babe.. pretty bag.. where u get it from? n yeah.. kecoh nyer tagboard kau.. hur hur.. hang in there babe... *hugs*
Irah: Hello preetty! It's from online shop; http://sgflea.livejournal.com/

Annie: sorry... =/
Irah: It's nothing babe. Anyway, love your look alike long champ.

Daya: hey, i think i saw u n ur bf at the airport that time. i was with my bf sitting outside. u were too with ur bf. haha. anyway hi!
Irah: Oh yah! I saw you too. Your bf was talking to my bf that time. Anyway, I've added you in friendster. You have blog?

Anonymous: you're gorgeous but sayang not *****!
Yan: yes, so trueee anonymous.
Irah: Tsk. Tsk. I know what you type but too bad it's being filtered. Anyway, thanks for your tak perlu comment eh.

Fyra: My link. take cr gorgeous.
Irah: Link ya already! Tc too!

Fyda: Hey, thanks for the tag! Such a cute blog you got there. Care for a link? (:
Irah: Welcome to my humble blog. Yeah sure, link me up. I'll link you too.

Annie: *****???? dun get it.. =/ Jus hoppin by..
Irah: Haha! It's a bad word babe.

9:57 AM

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