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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I've been more aware each new day, that I'm severely dependant on the love, Muhammad Azim.
When I cry, he hugs me.
When I laugh, he laughs with me.

When I'm cold he'll give up his sweater for me, rub my hands between his to keep me warm.
When we fight in the past, we never got angry for long.
When we're both afraid to lose each other, we'll cry at the thought of us separating.

When we have any stay overs, we'll try to include each other.
When I'm ill he'll visit and feed me.
When we're out, he'll kiss me gently on my forehead & I love that.

When we're out he never let go of my hand, it's always held tightly.
When passerby(s) cuts in between us while we're walking, he'll pull me along with him because he don't like the idea of us being apart.

When I see his sweet messages I'll be so touched, sometimes I'd tear.
When we say goodbye, we'll have our standard goodbye kiss in our own way.
When I cut myself, he'll kiss the wound.

When we're both free, we'll give our time to each other.
When we're hurt, we'll assure one another.
When im lost, he seem to know all the places and I'll feel safe with him & lost without.

When we grow up, he wants to marry me.
He said when we get married, he wants four kids so none will feel left-out.
When we name our kids, their name will be a combine of ours.

There's too much to list, I realized that I really need him by my side. Even though I'm always the one initiating a break up whenever I'm hurt or don't get my way, I don't mean it deep inside. I just want him to change & to think from my perspective. I really thank God for him & appreciate whatever that he's done, and the fact that he's a year younger or to be precise, 7 months doesn't bother me at all. He's the man & love of my life. Muhammad Azim, I love you and will always do. Once again, I LOVE YOU. I feel like tearing. I'm really scared, that one day I'll lose you. I don't care if I sound like a loser, all i know is I want you to be mine forever. I know, he always seem like the one who loves me alot more than I love him but no, I love him just as much.

I'm uber sad, he's at taiwan now & will be back on May. He rarely call me due to the long distance. I miss our talking session. I miss his voice. I miss his possesive attitude. I'm waiting every minute for him to call me. Oh my, I just miss him so much. :(

9:47 PM

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