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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It sure bring a smile to my face every morning whenever I on my work's pc. :)

Tags reply:

Adah: hey irah! it's been so long since i drop by ur blog! & i notice so much changes on u! nice haircut babe! no ownder u luk diff! :) & yeah u still look gorgeous!

Irah: Hello adah! Yes, I cut my hair to satisfy the bf. But still I prefer long hair. And whenever I go to your blog, my page will hang. :(

Annee: Short hair makes you cute!

Irah: Short hair is easy to maintain but still long hair is gorgeous.

Anniee: hoho.. i feel so innocent.. haa.. Hee.. the Longchamp bag... offically SOLD OUT. =)

Irah: I don't care. I want one of it!

Yana: Where are you heading to this saturday? we can meet up!

Irah: Eventually we did not went out. :(

Ur small boy: i love with all my heart and soul i got to go dear haiz i miss u so much...i will always love u with all my heart and soul....my love for u forever and ever...muacks!!!i love u dear!!!forever!!!!! i miss my baby girl from ur baby boy muacks!!!:heart::kiss::kiss:i love u dear i miss my baby girl...

Irah: ILY too b! Oh my god, I miss you so much! Come back soon! Muacks!

Dina: okay... its not privatise oreadi... its open to all now :)

Irah: Yeah, now I can read. :) Love your layout.

Yana: jsut keep yourself busy and in no time he will be back.

Irah: I'm trying to keep myself busy always so that 6 may will come soon.

Anniee: i was jus abt to msg u den u msg me..haa.. tata.. =)

Irah: Right timing I sms you! Hope to hear from you soon ok!

Sha: Irah!!! Surprised to bump into you! Been ages man since we last saw each other! Macam biasalah, kau hot lah!

Irah: Yeah, such a surprised! Makin tinggi kau. Hot? Such a strong word lah!

9:36 AM

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