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Saturday, April 05, 2008

I woke up late today. I knew that the previous night I set my alarm clock at 7am. But it was already 7.20am when I woke up. Luckily my cat woke me up by licking my toes. I took a quick shower, get ready & rushed to the mrt. I saw the train was arriving so I ran fast. Upon entering the mrt, my heart beat was thumping fast. It was so pain that it felt like a knife stabbing on me. My head spins. I could not breathe. I look around my surroundings & my vision blurred. I was holding the mrt pole and suddenly I COLLAPSED on the floor.

People began to surround me. I cried so badly cause I could not breathe properly & my head hurts. At that point of time, there was one chinese mrt staff inside the train. He rushed down to chinese garden mrt to call for help. I was still lying on the floor, inside the mrt. In few minutes, I was carried on a wheel chair to the staff's rest room. I sit on a sofa & this one malay woman, calmed me down. She called my workplace & my parents. My dad took me to the doctor. The doctor conclude that I have low blood pressure. It's maybe due to my period cycle that I lose lots of blood. I'm going to see a gynae for ultrascan next saturday. I hope everything goes well.

At that point of time when I collapsed, all I think was my family & my bf. I cried to him when he called. I badly need him by my side. I wish he was here with me. But no, he's not. I cried & cried till my eyes was swollen. I thought I could never get the chance to see him again. I thank Allah that I could still open my eyes & see the world.

12:35 PM

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