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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I shall reply to the tags now as I'll be busy after lunch.

Aisha: hey babe, been a longgggggg time since i last tag! hope ure doing good. :) what are u doing currently?
Irah: Yeah. I didn't know you link me until I stumpled your blog. Been doing good. Graduated last year & currently working.

Dina: hey do take care of urself..next time bwk gula2 or something k. hehe!
Irah: Hi! I can't seem to read your blog cause it's for invited readers only. For now, I bring sweets in case I feel giddy.

Annie: hmm.. ok peeps.. im not on any sides.. Yan is rite cus there are even guys who bring gals into the camp..Most of my guy's fren oso book out to club.. cus as long as they fall in the next day.. its ok.. its all depends.. However..Irah trust and knows her bf well so i think..Yan you should give them some space..plus..Its their love affair.. its up to us to only say this much rite? I think shes upset enough.. pls dun blame her for anyth said which doesnt sound as nice.. Everyone cares.. So do i.. I dunno if you guys are frens or not.. but lets just forget abt it..Only God noes the truth and we gotta choose to forgive and forget.(,") sorry to be kinda kpo.. but i dun think God wants to see this happening and dat a frenship turn sour just becus of all this.. Take Care and be thanksful for everyth God as given. (".)
Irah: Wow. That's a long tag. Ok, first thing first, I trust my bf. Whatever things he did behind my back & I do not aware, there's always karma. What goes around comes around. I believe in that. And for yan, I don't know what's up with you that you're not happy with me. If you are a girl, perhaps you've been busted by my bf last time. But if you're a guy, maybe you have some arguments with him before. Whatever it is, you can add me at nadirah-@hotmail.com if you want to clear things with me. Aku malas nak bertengkar pasal hal kecik ini.

10:23 AM

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