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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby boy: I love u so much muacks?????i really love u i want to marry u

Baby boi: I Love u imissing u muax i love u 4rever

Irah: ILY too. Look forward for your return. :)

Nurul: by the way, where's your archives? i miss reading your previous entry lah babe. ;)lagu sedap! tittle ape?
Irah: For the moment, I won't be putting up my archives. Secondhand seranade - fall for you.
Sedap kan!

Baby Boy: i just love u with all my heart i missing u...muacks!! muacks!!!! i love u dear we will get engage as soon as possible i cant wait to be ur husband..i love u......dear muackss!!! love u very the

Irah: I love you too, b. I'm missing you too. :(

Yana: Agree with faziee. Just ignore those morons. Skin background lawa.

Irah: Yeah, I know. Don't worry. Their comments ain't gonna bring me down. Lawa kan. I like!

Faziee: ignore those hate taggers! they may be a bunch of stupid idiots to happen to blog ard & just comment! oh well, ur words are spicyyy sey! anyway, i lurve ur skin! =D

Irah: Totally agree with you! Spicy eh? Siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas! I love it too.

Fyra: Cute background.

Irah: Thank you!

Shazzy: IRAH! Lama benar tak tag. Your red watch lawa. What brand?

Irah: Busy sangat arh tu. It's from adidas. Hot red some more!

Fuzy: heloooooooo!! ya allah, da lameeee tak dtg sini. ishhh! hw r u? teehee. Im here babe!
Irah: HELLLO! Busy with your aliff lah tu! I'm doing good. Hope you're doing great too!

Ok done! Tags been reply by yours truly. I'll update with the bbq pics once I get the photos from my collegues. The bbq party was awesome. I won myself a voucher & a gift for the games session. Plan to go back at 8pm but dragged till 9pm. But thankfully one of my collegues send me home.

Pool for today was cancel due to P-E-R-I-O-D! Enough said. Cramps are totally killing me. Pay day coming soon! Also, the bf will be back soon too. :)

Before I forgot, hate tags will be deleted. So no more nonsense from you kiddos!

7:22 PM

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