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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Alright, tags replies!

Fira: hey pretty. thnks for droppin by yaa. u like my cap? nak pinjam? hee. anyway you're link!
Irah: Hello! I love your cap. Lawa benar. But I don't have your link babe.

Ina: IRAH! i link u already sweets:) relationship mane kan tkde gadoh lagik2 kalo da lama..gosh im bored being single. i will be working at raffles city robinson tis wk:)do drop by!
Irah: Thanks sweets. Yeah, every relationship has it's up & down. Single have more freedom babe. I will drop by & tegur you if I drop by huns!

Sasa: heyya darling. thankyUUU!! for drppink by. & ooh yea, ur blog's LOVEly! hee... do link up arite! MUaCks! http:viva-la-sasa.blogspot.com
Irah: Thank you sasa. I've linked you up ok!

Yana: Take care of yourself dear... Don't stress too much ok..
Irah: Thanks for your concern. :)

Sadiq: Whoa... drama in the MRT! take care eh...
Irah: Ah yer. Drama kaper. TY for your concern.

Ok, Yan or yan-yan or nenek kebayan or whatever your shit name is, I don't need your comments here. If you don't like what you read in my blog then just fuck off from here. You are just an immature kid who hide behind the computer, leaving hate tags here. Maybe kau punya life dah terlalu mendak, tu sebab sebok ngan orangnyer hal. Tak perlu menyemak kat sini yer budak. Kau tak happy dengan aku atau guy aku, say it to my face k. Your comments ain't gonna bring me down.

Weekend swooshed by just like that. A fast one. Weekend always melts down really fast whereas the weekdays are really tough. My weekends was boring cause I stay home on saturday. Supposed to meet Charmaine but was cancel last minute. I'm sorry babe. Next week meet-up ok! Today, dropped by mum's working place to take her charger as my hp's battery were low. Mum & me had lunch at macdonald before making our way for grocery shopping. Since I'm too bored at home, I did some online shopping. Victoria Secret baby~

Pretty much random weekend. The upcoming week should be good, I supposed.

Gosh, exam tomorrow.

And I'm missing you, heap loads with a lot of love. I really, really do :(

6:24 PM

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