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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've been lazy to update due to time constraint and tiredness. Working is never easy ok!
Anyway, I can't remembered what I did for the past few days except working and back home to sleep.Well, I will update about yesterday. Small boy sleepover at my house. He surprised me saying that he's under my blk! Luckily, I've taken my shower and smells good. Victoria Secret, baby! :) And Chanel perfume rock my socks! But still escada rockin rio is still my favourite! I slept early around 12am while he was at the hall playing comp, eating & watching tv with my mum & siblings. And as usual, I will have to wake him up at 5am cause he will NEVER wake up unless someone wake him up from sleep. Heavy sleeper. After I went back to sleep, he kissed me goodbye and I will still in daze. I've planned everything for our anniversary. I truly hope it will goes smoothly.

My blog lack of pictures cause I'm too lazy & moody to snap pics. Eversince I cut my hair short, I've been having bad had days almost everyday. Pissed me off! Hair is the most important features for me ok! I wanted to rebond it but small boy asked me to wait & make it long. I miss my hair badly. Sobs.

So today, he will book out cause of the public holiday. Yeah, so tomorrow will be going to NUH to visit my secondary school mate, Iqbal. I really hope that no bad hair day tomorrow or I'll be moody all the way.

So hair, please grow faster & I promise I won't snap it short again!

2:44 PM

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