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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm too lazy to update. Very bad hair day. :(
Pictures first. Words later.

Got to continue reading... Vanessa Hudgens on the cover of Seventeen yaw!

Edit at 10.15pm

My Saturday was spent with my small boy. Finally, we decided to go back to MDIS to collect my diploma. I had my all time favourite strawberry milkshake. The taste of it still remain the same. Love it. On the way to MDIS, we saw a huge cage fulled with adorable cats. Me, being cat lovers, played with them. Awww, cute little cats. Reminded me of Kecik whenever I see cats. It's ironic in the first place. I was scared to death of cats. I will be screaming and run away everytime a cat passed by. One day, my bro bring back a cute small kitten home. He claimed that the kitten was meowing softly under the blk and it was raining that time. I don't even dare to be near the kitten. But as the days passed, I overcome my fear by holding her. And from that day onwards, I love cats. Oh my, what a story. Alright skip that.

Headed to clementi to meet the bf's uncle for a while. Lunch at jurong point next. Been craving for hot soup since the previous post. Yong tau foo for me. We had dessert at Mc Cafe while waiting to meet my mum as she needs to run errands and did a bit of shopping. Bf seems to love the adidas perfume that mum bought for him. Bf & me part ways. He need to go back camp while mum & me went to taman jurong sheng siong for grocery shopping. At the same time, I bought some junk foods for work. Yes, need to munch on something. It can get boring & hungry at work. Takeway Mcdonald for dinner as weekends are off day for mum not to cook.

Missing him badly now but will get to meet him tomorrow afternoon, around 6pm. Yeah, gonna pick him up at west mall.

The upcoming week should be good & tiring, I think. Course will be starting this monday, 7pm-10pm. The bf's cousin marriage in 2 weeks time. That's all I can remember. Feeling a little bit hungry now. Gonna raid the kitchen for food.

6:47 PM

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