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Friday, March 21, 2008

I'll update tmr at work alright. Good night readers!

Edit at 10.44am
We planned to meet in the morning to have breakfast together but in the end we overslept till 12pm. So we were still lazing at home and in the end we meet almost 4pm. Perfect time for me because the rain has stopped by then. So I thought I want to eat my mum’s sambal egg for breakfast cum lunch. But thinking back I will have to eat again with the bf. My mum’s sambal rocks! Spicy & more spicy for me please. I definitely like! That’s so random. We wanted to visit my sec sch friend at NUH but I don’t have his ward & bed number. Tried calling him but he didn’t pick up. And I do not have the others number cause the gatal bf of mine deleted it. He was late, like always. Never changed! But then he surprised me with macaroons & tiramisu. The tiramisu was perfect. Not much coffee & the cake is soft and spongy. The macaroon’s cream was not too sweet. That makes me smile all day long. We went to beach road to have our late lunch. I wanted to eat mutton chop and then he suggested eating tulang. Like OMG! That was the first time I ate tulang outside. As usual, I will make a mess out of it. But the tulang was finger licking good. So sup tulang in the future ok b? So after he bought his army things, we went to jurong point, intend to catch a movie. But the timing was just not right for us. In the end we bought double chocolate frappe, cream puff, chocolate waffles & otak-optak back to my home. Just slack, playing the comp & x-box. Enjoyed every single time with him.

So later after my work, will be catching a movie, The Orphanage. Told the bf that we can watch it in the net but he said the feeling is different watching it in the theater. He kept reminiscing our first date at the movie theater, Jurong Point. We caught Miss Congeniality 2 back then and that’s when he asked me to be his girl. Awww, I still remember every single bit of the memories ok! The sweetest thing ever! Maybe after the movie, perhaps will visit Iqbal with Dinah & Jaz, along with the bf. That’s for today plan.

And for sunday both of us will be just slacking at my home as he needs to book in at night. His camp is near to my place so it’s better we just be at home. I need to clean up my messy wardrobe. I swear that I need a bigger wardrobe cause my clothes are not able to be kept inside. No more space. One day if I have my own house, can I have a walk in wardrobe where I can put my clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, neatly? So it’s a hint ok bf? Alright, enjoy your weekend to the max before Monday blues.

11:26 PM

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