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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I can't wait to knock off from work. Work was pretty alright. It just that I feel bored to sit in the office from 8.30am to 5.30pm. 8 hours spent at work seh! But the best part of working is that every month there will be four digits in my bank account. Totally all mine where I can do whatever I want with the money. Syiok! I'm off to buy some snacks later. When I'm bored or feeling hungry then I can munch on something. Oooh, I just bought one whole packet of crackers and now left 1 only! Need to top up more of chocolates, sweets, crackers & etc.

2 days without seeing him makes me miss him even more. We'll spend quality time together tomorrow. I promise.

Edit at 9.25pm

I'm so hungry! I feel like eating something hot & spicy. Like soup noodle or kfc. Blame the cold weather. Been raining almost everday & I absolutely hate it. Very troublesome to bring along umbrella & it's too cold for my liking. I hope this will stop and please bring back the sunny weather. I'm waiting for my mum to be home and bring back the soup noodle I ask her to buy. Talking about food, thought of eating at carousel for our anniversary. Well, it's just what I plan. We'll see how when the day itself arrive. Maybe dessert at Gloria Jean's for moisty chocolate mud cake or Coffee Club for the mudpie.

And I want to watch my daily dosage of The Hills Season 3. If I were Lauren, I won't even forgive Heidi of what she did previously. Don't understand what I'm talking about? Go watch it! I just love this kind of reality tv shows. The clothes, the make up, the lifestlye & everything. And Audrina seems a very nice name.

The Hills is love.

Lauren Conrad.

But my all time favourite star will be none other than Vanessa Hudgens.

Still my number 1!

4:48 PM

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