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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hellooooooo! I'm on 2 days mc for today & tomorrow. It's feel good not to think about work at the moment. Thinking back, studying is still the best especially during secondary school times. I miss, miss, miss the moment & almost everything during sec school. Stop it eh irah! Wake up! No use thinking about the past.

Oh well, yesterday outing was awesome yet tiring. Super tired. Thus the mc I took. The day started at causeway point where he surprised with a guess wallet. He claimed that I had too much black stuffs thus the white colour. Well, I still love it ok b.

After which we were hungry & growled for food. Since it's been a month we did not went town, we had lunch at cahaya I think. As usual, mee goreng basah wihtout veggies please. I hate veggies ok! Except for some only.

Then the bf wanted to survey for cellphone at toa payoh but when we got there, he's interested in something else. Gold necklace! *slaps forehead* He hinted to me he badly want it but of course I did not agreed for him to buy. Paya lebar after those endless walking.

Tan tock seng hospital next cause bf was simply lazy to book in. So we was there till past 12am. Luckily his parents fetched us & drove me home which I reached around 1am.

So today, after finished with his polyclinic thingy, we had lunch opposite woodlands poly. I swear the mee soto I oredered was soooo spicy that I had stomachache. This part I really swear that I vomitted lots of time. Thus, the 2 days mc I got. Despite that, I still managed to do my manicure & the bf was gatal to try hair extension. It was raining cats & dogs so we headed to McCafe at North Point.

Causeway Point next to meet his mum for a while before heading to Jurong East to upload games to his psp. And back home. I'm super shagged & I badly need sleep!

I still have to run errands tomorrow morning. Early morning as I need to meet the bf at 7.30am. I better call the bf to have our everyday night talk. Good night readers!

Fuck blogger! I can't seem to upload the pics. Will do so tmr morning, if I'm not in a rush.

11:31 PM

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