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Sunday, February 10, 2008

My holiday was awesome. I throughly enjoy it single bits. Wednesday after work we headed to pizza hut for lunch. We had pasta and loving the chicken cream soup that we took twice. Paya lebar next, coffe bean, just to chill and enjoy our ice blended. Arnold next after we rested for few hours. By that time, both of us we so fulled and bloated.

Thursday was spent at jurong east entertainment, mcdonals. We had no idea where to go cause mostly the shop were closed. So we tryour luck to jurong point in tend to catch a movie but the timing was sucky. So skip that! McCafe for our dosage of chocolate frappe and oreo chessecake. Dad called to buy him some stuffs at giant, imm. So train back to jurong east and the stuffs were out of stock. In the end, bf & me did grocery shopping. We gonna hit back imm when my pay is in cause everything is under one roof. It completely changed. Head back to my home to have dinner and went to my dad's shop. Helped him a bit and off to causeway point for starbucks. By the time we went out from starbucks it was nearly 11pm so cabbed home.

Friday was lazy days. Mum, sis, me & bf went imm again for grocery shopping. This time I 'ketuk' my mum. Best! Shopping with my mum. Lunch at mcdonald. Most shop were still closed and cab home. Luckily bf was there to carry the stuffs.

Saturday morning was ay bukit batok driving centre for his enrolment license. My turn will come soon. Weee~! Grab a light lunch at kfc before meeting acap & kecik at city hall. We went marina square to play pool and went to esplanade. Not even 5 minutes we sat, we walked to boat quay and all the way to clarke quay. I hate how esplande has been polluted with those people. Ahakz! Kecik wanted to go MOS and bf was like NO WAY to me! -.-" We split way with them and headed to geylang and cab home. Midnight charge was a killer.

Today means lazy day. Lazy day = slack at home. Tomorrow is back to work. A pile of workload is waiting for me to be done. I swear! That's sum up my holidays. Just 2 more weeks for dinner & dance. I'm excited!

12:02 PM

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