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Friday, February 08, 2008

Life hasn't been treating me too well and I don't want to think about anything already. Whatever I have planned, it’s not working out. I'm disappointed with everything. I don't want to expect anything anymore. Nope, not being emo, its called reflection darlings. Oh life oh life has surprises my dear one. Its because of that, everything's uncertain. The uncertainty gets to my mind sometimes, making se so defensive.

In the midst of my jumbled mess of thoughts, one was particularly disconcerting. The thought - why I think so much. I'll never figure out; what I think so much about and why I think so much. Then that thought leads me to the next of why I can never be contented with what I have. There is absolutely no reason for me to be as discontented as I am. Strange to say, but I often feel indignant at how I can be so covetous.

Let me just enjoy my holidays and hopefully everything will go smoothly once everything is back on track. Insya allah.

You know the feeling when you wished you could've turned back time and changed things? Well this is one of those moments. But I move on, grow up, and get over it. People make mistakes because they're instilled with infinite imperfections. We start everything brand new. What past is past. We had a good heart to heart talk. I love you alot, muhammad azim.

Ps: Just one more month to our 3rd year anniversary. :)

I shall do some shopping with mum later on. Yes! Can use her money to buy my make-up stuffs. Happy seh!

11:33 AM

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