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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I’ve been eating a lot that many people have noticed the changed in my body size and also the roundness of my cheeks. And some even can say whether I’m pregnant or not. OMG! It freaks me out. And I’m rarely online nowadays. I’m not even bothered to check my mails, friendster, blog & etc. Pure lazy.

Tuesday was spent with my babe Jaz & Dinah. To sum it up, it was a great chill sessions at dinah’s place.

On a happier note, my juicy couture track suit has arrived! Luckily it fits me perfectly. Oh well, D&D tomorrow, 6.30pm at Meritus Mandarin Hotel. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap pictures, provided I’m not that busy at the reception. I’m so excited!

Saturday will be working. Too bad I do not have the chance to accompany my Kecik for her sterilization. Bf was such a great help. He accompanied me to buy her carrier and even book her appointment. Not only that, he will be bringing Kecik for her sterilization along with my sis while I’m at work. I’m sure to drop by clementi after work to be there for Kecik.

And I can smell weekend! I love February. Long holidays, d&d and only 29 days for feb. Enjoy your weekends!

I better hit my bedsheets as my eyelids are getting heavier. Goodnight.

11:42 PM

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