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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday, I was late to picked up small boy at jurong east. Boy, he was fuming mad at me. Slight argument started. He took cab to my place and off we went to his house for him to change up. Before that we had lunch together near his place. Watched the rusell lee's vcd with his family while waiting for him and at the same time waiting for my mum's call. After my mum run errands with my sis, off we met them at bugis. Bugis was not that hot & stuffy since it was raining. Mum & sis shop alot even before I met them. I can't believe my own eyes seeing my mum shop. Mum also bought for me & the bf clothes. Yeah, was kinda surprised. I'm eyeing on that patent Bonia wallet. Damn, it was so pretty and love at first sight. I will probably get that next month. It was $120 afte 20% sale. I'm still thinking about it and felt regret of not buying it on that day. After being at bugis for almost 3 hours, lau pa sat next for dinner. Seafood for us; sambal belacan kangkong, bbq sting ray, sweet & sour chicken, black pepper prawns, nasi pattaya. We passed by Song & Song and shop again. Bought a pretty yellow throbe for only $8! It ws a steal. It's really pretty in real life! I love it. Cab home cause all of us was shagged.

The bf was at my place when his old sickness struck him. Sis & me too cab to send him to TTSH. Thank god he was alright by the time we reached. Sis had a sweethtooth for cakes. We went Hanz and luckily it was still altough open although it was nearly 11pm. We just chilled and had our chocolate truffle cake. I love to chill at cafes. Simply mind relaxing. We got back at home nearly 1 am and right now my body is still aching. So the time spent with him was lovely. Book in again for him later at night. That means, ben & jerry again for us whenever we are at white sands.

10:21 AM

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