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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random facts:

1) For the past few days spending time with my small boy was great to the core!

2) My dad insisted me to take driving license and it will be sponsor by him. I mean, the ka-ching lah! But I have been turning down his offer cause I have the fear of driving and I prefer to be driven around. But today, I make up my mind and will it give a shot althought I still have the jitters thinking about driving.

3) I bought donuts for my family & within a minute all was gone.

4) I have an idea what to wear for my D&D. Just need to shop when I get my this month pay.

5) I'm waitin for _____ ! :)

6) I did not have b&j today. It's my every week to have it whenever the bf book in and book out.

7) I'm still in dilemma whether to buy N73 (I've been wanting this phone eversince!) or the gorgeous motorola razr v8 luxury edition.

8) I've been craving for arnold and I shall have that once the bf book out.

9) Valentines are coming and so are our 3 years anniversary! OMG!

10) I lost my ezlink consist of $12+ value. Luckily it was not $100 cause that's the amount I always top up. From now, I shall top up $20 each time it runs low.

11) Bf is on field camp for 2 weeks till 26/01/08. :(

9:10 PM

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