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Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's so windy and I absolutely love the cold weather. Surfing the web and on the other hand eating fish & chips for lunch. Yesterday after knocking off from work, met babe Dinah. It was a very last minute plan. We went to have dinner near her place. As usual, we chit-chat, talked about everything under the sun. Meeting her later again for threading session.

Oh yes, weekend is approaching soon. A few plans are lined up for me. Friday will be meeting small boy perhaps at city hall for a while after his doctor appointment as he has to go back to Tekong on that Friday night itself. Sucks man. I mean, just let him book out lah! What’s the different seh?! Saturday early morning will have to go back to MDIS to collect my diploma. Been a year already and I’ve not collected it. Off to meet BF since the army boys will be going to discovery centre. It’s so near, can meet him at jurong east. No need to travel all the way to pasir ris. I like. His house next for him to change up and probably will be hitting town? Esplanade? Bugis? Same old place. Boring. But it’s ok as long I’m able to spend time with him. Sunday night, send him back again to pasir ris. That’s my weekend routine.
Friday = his book out = Pasir Ris. Sunday = his book in = Pasir Ris. Pasir ris is my 2md home, yaw!

I foresee busy days next week. Damn it. So I’m going to enjoy real good with the bf this weekend!!! :D

12:17 PM

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