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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sunday night, I saw a cute little kitten at the pasir ris bus stop, where I usually wait for small boy. I nearly wanted to bring that cute kitten home. He’s so small and cute. Alahai! So pity, leaving the kitty alone, meow-ing to passerby. It really breaks my heart to see that kitten. I have such a soft spot for kitten. Yesterday night right after his book out, went to Arnold at paya lebar along g with my younger sis. I mean it’s standard. His book out = eat at Arnold. Upon reaching the place, it was packed & the queue was long. So we went to eat at this restaurant at joo chiat complex, level 1. It was not my first time to eat at that place but the service & food is not as good like like last time. We waited almost 30 minutes for our order and it was not full house anyway. And I paid 50 bucks for lousy food & service. It’s better I eat at Swensens! That’s it, won’t even bother to come again.

The best part was the sleepover. My younger sis, small boy & me slept past 3am, just talked and talked and xbox too. On monday morning, we went out together. He sent me to Jurong East to wait for my work transport and he rushed back home to change to meet me at 1.15pm. Vivo city. Controlled my shopping although F21 has pretty clothes cause I already spent my money with make-up. No clothes, no accessories. Just online shopping for my make-up.
Monpplay elyelash tonic.
Dejavu Fiber Wig. I swear this mascara really makes wonder!
Benefit is love.

That irritating sister of mine told me to buy for her Everlast school shoe. In the end, bought converse shoe for 70 bucks. Thanks eh sis for making me $70 poorer! You owe me big time. I covered for you lots ot time eh. Your smoking fine (still underage! Haha!), your clothes & etc.

Lau Pa Sat next. 61 bucks for seafood is worth it. Then we were both clueless where to go next. Hit the town to wander around and that’s when the argument begin. Bf wanted to go my home, just to slack while I badly wanted to go esplanade to see the firework. So bf reluctantly just followed me and when we are about to enter esplanade, people were not allowed to go in as it was packed already. The bf was pissed of me with me lah! It was the very first time he said that phrase and it really made me cried. After he tried to coax me, I calmed down. All I wanted was to go home but there’s no way we can go back to the mrt cause it was packed with people. It was so suffocating & hot! What’s more, we do not have money with us. We tried to flag cab by using the net. Most of the cab did not accept nets so after standing by the road for 20 minutes then we hopped in. We countdown the new year with my mum at home, eating sup tulang. Pathetic, I know. He got back around 2am and both of us slept till 12pm+. So I quickly get ready to meet him in the afternoon to have lunch together with his family at causeway point. Walked around and we parted with his family. Took 39 from Yishun to pasir ris. We were hungry again and ate at KFC. And have one large cup of Ben & Jerry after that. I’m hopefully wish that he can book out this Friday for his doctor appointment.
What a long post. I better prepared for work tmr. So happy 2 years & 9 months, b. ILY!

10:30 PM

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