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Thursday, December 20, 2007

We head down to geylang for Arnold straight away after his book out. He had a huge appetite upon seeing his order were served. NS food were not that nice to him. I mean of course not nice lah! It's NS, not a holiday. Today, supposed to catch a movie but the choices were so limited and the timings were too late. From Jurong Point for our Mc Cafe's double chocolate frappe to Jurong East Entertainment in search for his handphone. But to no avail. We tried the Royal Cake that was heard lots of time on 89.7, Ria. People commenting it was superb lah, nice lah, delicious lah, simply divine lah. But hell, it was sucky! Back to my home to kill time. It was bliss, lying in his arms and hearing the gentle rhythm of his breathing. Everything else outside our little world didn't matter, because in our little world there's only the two of us. Ahhhh, I simply love it.

And my cousin, Kak Nur, dropped by with Aqilah & Adilah a while ago. Seeing how fast they grow up, made me realise that I'm getting older & older each year. But hey, age is just numbers.

Bunny Aqilah.

I have my weekend planned to the every minute. But depend on him cause he's saving up. Beach road tomorrow to collect my IC. Ahh, at last! Been postponed since August till now. And that means I can have my favourite fried rice black pepper chicken. Alvin & The Chipmunks perhaps for our movie date.
I'm a bit, teeny-weeny, upset. Bf said the Motorola handphone that I badly want is not nice, according to him & he insist me to buy N73. :( And I'm tempted to online shop for make-up but thinking about my bank account, I shall just drop the idea. Unless Bf willing to pay for it. But I know he won't. Haiz!

10:51 PM

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