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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I love working on Saturday. Not really working, but it’s quite slack. Saturday is when I usually blast the music and sit on the chair comfortably, eating snacks and surfing the net. Best!

Yesterday night with the girls was fantastic. :) Jaz & Dinah was there, which is a humongous accomplishment for us, haha. We chill at jaz house. Camwhore with jaz’s laptop.Three of us was hyper when we danced to r&b music and at the same time video-ing. Bitches, I'm so glad I've got you guys. Never mind out constantly-postponed meet-ups and all our quirks and individual eccentricities, your presence means a great deal to me, and I love both of you very much. :) Pictures soon!

Pay day is approaching and I've made a list of reasonably priced things that I'll be getting so as to spend wisely and still have enough left to last me the whole month. Boy, It feels good to know that this is really my OWN money which I earned solely through hard work and not fished out from my dad's wallet. And I need to send Kecik to sterilize her. She’s been a bad cat. When she’s horny, she will moan so loud that my family is unable to sleep well. And she pee anywhere she wants. In the end I have to locked her inside the toilet to toilet train her again. This will go on and on unless she goes for sterilization. Any cat lovers, knows any place to recommend for cat sterilization and at the same time the price is reasonable? Btw, my cat is a female.
My baby Kecik.

On a brighter note, Pasir Ris again tmr night. I hate the long train distance. Such time consuming. But anything for my small boy.

9:38 PM

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