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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I had a really, really wonderful and blessed time with small boy!

To kick start friday, we had lunch light lunch at beach road and collect my IC next. Supposingly to collect my diploma after that but the usual me, it slipped out from my mind. Cathay next for our movie date, Alvin & The Chipmunks. Seriously, it's super cute especially Theodore. Lau Pa Sat for dinner. We had fresh seafood from Stall 58, I think. Had sambal prawns, bbq sting ray & sweet and sour chicken for only 40 bucks. I mean it's considered cheap for three dishes. Caused we we bloated and damn full, we took cab back to my house.

Today, met small boy after his gym workout. I felt so lazy to go out cause of PMS. Yes, it hurts so badly that my back was in pain. But cause I miss him so much and he will book in on tuesday, I agreed to meet him. Initally, we had no plan so he suggested to drop by jurong east entertainment. I lost 2 rounds of Daytona to him. But I won 1 round of Counter Strike. Haha! After few rounds of games, we went Bugis to window shop. Read: WINDOW SHOP. But you know the usual me, I shop lor! A top, slip on & paste on manicure nails. Bf bought nothing cause he always buy things for me. Bedok next. I hate going Bedok cause I find that the weather at Bedok is too hot & I will be sweating like fuck. And it's true. But few minutes later, it began to rain cats & dogs. Ah yes! I like! After he bought his phone, we had kfc and donuts from muchy donut. Cab back to my home, again. We wasted money on cab fares nowdays. And it's peak hours, but we had no choice cause he had stomache. And I cut my hair short and I feel so fresh! Like a school kiddo. Bf said short hair suits me. Ok whatever, he paid for it anyway. Right now, he's playing xbox and when he plays, he will go on till I have to remind him to stop.

And staring at my hp bills that I just recieved reminds me not to shop!!! I mean it ok!

9:32 PM

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