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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hello! Hello! I’m multi-tasking right now. Having udang lemak cili padi & sambal kupang for lunch right now & at the same time surfing the net.

I really like this rain. It’s like old times rain. I felt moody and pms yesterday. Pimples breakout, how I hate it. To commemorate this mood, I wore an all black to work yesterday, head to toe. Even my shawl too. Managed to clear last Friday work. Phew! Such a huge relief.
My days have been hectic for the past few days, eversince Bf went Tekong. I was frustrated. I was sad. I'm in need of comfort and love. And I hate being alone. I’m so depend on him.
But it is starting to look better now as I can partially see what’s the deal and how to go about dealing it right. I guess I need to manage my time well. Kept telling myself that this week will be gone fast and 19 Dec will be here soon. Another good news at work was my company self-declared holiday and not to forget government gazetted holiday.

20 December 2007 to 25 December.
½ day on 31 December 07 to 1 January 2008.
6 February 2008 to 9 February 2008

After work, met my sister at jurong point to check out the price for customized tee and also print some photos for small boy. Fish & Chips for dinner. We shared one plate cause the serving was quite big. At least I feel better going out rather than staying at home. And currently I’m quite pissed off cause I can’t find the usb cable to charge my mp3. 1 hour to and fro for work will be bored without hearing music.

Today not a bad day afterall.

12:00 PM

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