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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The com has been too occupied for me to do any updates. Finally today, I have a turn.

Friday was spent with my babe Dinah after work. The usual Dinah will always be late. 6.30pm to her it’s 7pm. It seems that small boy called Dinah to brain wash me. As I said to small boy, quarrels and arguments are part and parcel of a relationship; only in a perfect world such crap will not exist. I know I can be harsh and mean when my temper flares, but it does not mean I love you any less. This is just a phase which we have to go through, it'll be over soon. I promise. I felt carefree and somewhat content, for the first time in a damn bloody long time. I guess the bubbly, happy feeling was from meeting Dinah. Both of us pour our feelings out. We are going through the same problem and it’s nice to have someone to share problems with. Reminisce our secondary school memories; ankle socks, adidas shoe, short skirts, detention, truancy, metallic eyeshadow, beads, levis & the list goes on. OMG! SECONDARY SCHOOL DAYS ARE THE MOST AWESOME DAYS OF MY LIFE! I wonder how everybody is doing. I miss secondary school a lot. Everything is so fast. Nobody has time for anybody, anything. Or maybe, I chose not to have time for anybody, anything. In any case, I still wonder how everybody is doing.

Today, I had ‘me’ time. After I knock off from work, I hit JP to shop. Bought some clothes & nail polish to do my own manicure & pedicure. It was my first time shopping alone. It’s good actually. When you are tired after walking for few hours, you go to Coffee Bean (too bad starbucks are not available at jp), get a drink and chill. Tmr will be spring cleaning. Sundays are meant to clean my wardrobe especially because I will just dump all my clothes inside.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday! Come quick. I’m anticipating to meet my small boy. One whole week to spend time with him, 19 December to 25 December. Movie date with him, Alvin & The Chipmunk & a whole lot of plan with him. The week's coming to an end, and this time round I really mean it when I say, I will spend my weekend fruitfully. Nothing much to update except I’m missing the bf each day. Gonna continue reading CLEO. How I love that magazine.

4:26 PM

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