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Monday, November 12, 2007

Upon reached work, I have the feeling that my 'in' tray will be loaded with documents. True enough it was. I managed to clear everthing before lunch. Huge relief! Yesterday night was a last minute plan to meet small boy to pass his stuffs & had kfc for dinner together.

Kinda short meet up but we sure do know how to spend it wisely. We had heart to heart talk which has been ages since we did that! Those hugs and kisses sure do make me feel comfort. And right now I'm having chicken beef steak for lunch, prepared by my mum. And those colleagues of mine brought alot of foods. I've been eating cakes, muruku, crackers, chocolates & etc since morning. I've gained weight and that's a good news.

Another weird thing that happened yesterday morning was that my mum talked to me about marriage with small boy. At what age I want to get married? Do I want to engaged first? Do I want to make it at CC? She even asked me to get married early if me & small boy are financially stable. I was bombarded alot of questions from her. I was dumdfounded at first. She's the coolest mum ever. She really rock my socks heels! I'm blessed to have her. :) Marriage is a huge responsibility. We'll talk about that after small boy's NS. For now, I want to call the bf! Have a great start for the weekdays!

12:21 PM

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