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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Enchanted movie is not that bad afterall. And finally small boy bought for me this. :)

Happy seh!

I feel a tad sick after having chicken cutlet from banquet causeway point. In the taxi, I tried to hold my vomit. Upon reaching under my blk, I threw up everything. Due to that, I had to cancel to meet Jaz. I felt so bad.

Towning today. At first, I was pissed of with the bf. He overslept till 2pm. Called his hp & house but still he did not pick up. I was getting impatient and was about to sleep when he called. Nearly of not meeting him today. I waited for him at taxi stand and he surprise me by bringing me to swensen and had fondue. I was whining to him for the past few days that I badly craving for it. I'm spoiled by him. But I love it. Cab ride again to chong pang for his hp. I know, like again?! But then we was rushing to meet my sis at far east plaza. Grab lunch at our usual eat out, cahaya. Searched high and low for a decent work handbag but coundn't find any. The weather is getting more & more dreadful eh? I think the sun is draining all my energy. As it was freaking hot, I bought an oversized shades. An excuse to shop. Ok, this time was my 3rd shades since the previous two was broke. Bugis next. Finally got my handbag and dinner at KFC. And now home sweet home. Tomorrow will be spring cleaning. My wardrobe is like disaster. Shower time now.

And I will post some pictures of my office with the christmas tree and the decorations. I WILL NOT FORGET TO BRING MY DIGICAM! I kept reminding to myself. My colleague, Nura, and me had a good time yesterday decorating the office. And my admin manager gave us a surprise. She bought munchy donuts for the GA dept. I love working in a fun enviroment and with a cool colleagues.

Really got to go now. Night, sweet dreams.

11:10 PM

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