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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Currently at work with nothing to do. All I have is the company of the pc and a cup of soya bean. Had dad’s spaghetti for lunch and it was yummy. I would like to proudly say that although I'm sitting here monotonously, I'm watching the world go by, which seems a tad more meaningful.

Small boy surprised me again yesterday. I was on the phone with him asking his whereabouts. And suddenly, he asked me to come down to the lobby office and there he was, grinning from ear to ear. I like the feeling I get inside when he came unexpected and kisses me on the cheek. Hugged him and told him how much I misses him. I know, we meet almost everyday. But still we miss each other when we bid goodbye. That’s not all. He even bought for me ramly burger as few days ago I told him I wanted to eat it. I know he did this to make me happy before he’s ns. 6 December will come real soon. In fact it’s next week. I hate it. NS is going to take my small boy away. We spent time at mc café, chilling and sipping our double chocolate frappe along with oreo cheesecake. Our favourite hang out when we feeling a tad lazy and need to chill.

Yesterday night we talked on the phone till 2am. I was so sleepy but I sacrifice my sleep for him. We have a heart to heart talk and we both cried. And I feel so remorseful thinking about our past, our mistakes. But one thing for sure, we learned from it. He told me countless of times to be faithful to him while he is away. I’m so dependent on him and it sure feels awkward when he is not around. I’m not sure whether I can be strong enough to go through this alone. That very day will come and I’m sure will cry when it’s time for him to go. Now I know how girls feel when their bf goes NS. Haiz. I’m so emotional.

And I’m remember now to bring my digicam tomorrow. Friday, please come real soon. Pay is in and it’s our 2 years 8 months.

So back to work in a while, hopefully time pass by quickly so I can see his face again.
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12:20 PM

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