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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm taking a break now from spring cleaning. I still have lots to do. Clean the window, iron the curtain, put up the curtain, iron my hari raya clothes & the list will go on.

Time flies by so fast, Hari Raya is just around the corner. I have been going geylang for last minute shopping. That include yesterday with my whole family & small boy. I had a great time with them, chatting, laughing, taking pictures in the middle of a crowded street, bargaining with a shop owner and soaking up the festive atmosphere. Chances are I do not have the time to bake. :(

And in the middle of shopping, small boy's mum called me & told me the bad news. He has to serve the gov. Why oh why he can't be exempted? So from now on, I have to spend more time with him before he goes. I hate this. I simply hate this!

I have to start cleaning my room soon because it looks like a pigsty with clothes & bags strewn around. I'm looking forward to spending Hari Raya with my loved ones. This year it will be a happy one and I shall banish all the bitter memories of last year's. Happy Fasting!

Oh, I swear that jessica simpson beauty products, Dessert, smells more irresistible than VS! I want more of it!

1:45 PM

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