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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday was an absolutely crazy shopping day! It was hell tiring but boy how satisfying on the other day hand. Satisfying cause it's the first time I spent hari raya stuffs using my own hard earned money for my family. Everything on me. It sure bring smiles to my face, seeing how happy my family are. Thank goodness heels weren't on my feet today. A big HELLO to you, Nooreen!

Well, small boy been sleep-over my house for two days straight. And it's such a nice feeling to see him infront of my eyes. But I think the best part was when we just laid around on my bed, talking and cuddling :) He's quite mean to me sometimes (in the sense that he irritates and teases me to no end) but perhaps it's endearing in a way.

I need good long sleep, seriously. Have not been sleeping well. And the reason why I slept at 4am yesterday because I waited for my mcdonald order to arrive & to my dissapointment my sundae hot fudge was not available! I was badly craving for it! :(

However, I have accomplished a few things:
1) Kebaya.
2) Heels.
3) Small boy's baju kurung.
4) Spring clean the house a while ago.

And I have a few things to get excited about:
1. Bake honey cornflakes & chocolate cornflakes. (Thanks nura for the recipe!)
2. Collect my kebaya.
3. Buy my make-up & clutch.
4. Paint my room maybe? That's dad job anyway.
5. Buy small boy's samping.
6. Learn to bake chocolate cake from my mum to give to small boy's family.
And there's more actually but I can't think of it cause I'm quite shagged.
And mum just bought a new digital camera. Tons of photos to be upload, if I'm not lazy.

4:25 PM

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