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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday incident made me cried like one small child. Small boy & his parents helped me alot just to get my pay cheque from my previous company. Despite not having enough sleep, his dad & mum went to my previous company on last monday but turned out the cheque was not ready. And plus, I gave them wrong direction to go there.
*slaps forehead*

So the day next which was yesterday, small boy was the one who came down early morning (he took leave just for me!) and the cheque was ready only around 2pm. So small boy waited for few hours at cyber cafe. Finally, the cheque was ready and he passed to me after my work. And upon reaching home, I searched my handbag for the cheque but it was missing! I checked around like one mad person. Yeah, I was so panic that I called small boy, crying on the phone to confirmed with him I must misplaced it somewhere. And I remembered that I threw the envelope in the dustbin at causeway point. WALAU! Small boy rushed back and even search the rubbish bin but to no avail. Cause of that, he went back home late around midnight. Hearing his voice, I knew he was so dissapointed with me. I feel so bad. He really sacrifice his sleep & time just for me.

But today, he called up my ex-boss and told about the lost cheque. AND I WILL GET AGAIN MY PAY CHEQUE! But $30 charge had to be deduct and it will only be ready in 2 weeks time. Well, it's ok. Patience is virtue. I've learnt my lesson now. Never will I be so careless again! And today, I wanna hug & kiss small boy for helping me. In fact, that's not enough. ILY, bf!

12:13 PM

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