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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What on earth I'm doing right this time?! I should be sleeping like a pig cause it's saturday morning! But no! I suddenly woke up & coudn't sleep back. I really need my beauty sleep. I'm deprived from sleep lately because of work. Sigh.

I was browsing through benefit cosmetics catalogue & boy, I really feel like buying all of the make up! Even my manager too. I'm so gonna buy it when I get my pay. Hari raya puasa is around the corner and that means I have to spend wisely but I have so many things to settle. Like my handphone bills, $180! See boyfriend, I told you I don't like to use line but you insisted me to use. The previous two lines I used before nearly cost thousand & luckily dad paid for me. And I'm actually wonder, how does people managed their bills so oh fine? But why I can't?

And just the thought of bumming at home, boyfriend asked me out. Before that, I'm gonna go to the library with mum cause I need new read. Yes, good read cause at times I'm so free at work that it bored me to death. It's been a long time since I spend time with my mum. My room need a clean up later. It's terribly messy. Weekends are the only time I have to do some housework. I love doing housework ok. And I have the sudden urge to bake cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Pretty, pretty, pretty cupcakes. I'm so gonna bake when I have the time.

Ooooh, I had donuts yesterday at clementi but I can't remember what's the shop name. I love it so much especially the one with chocolate ganache. I want to bake for small boy's family & also for my babes. But I don't have the time except for weekends. I also want to watch License To Wed. Not to forget, watching step up, the devil wears prada, new york minute, just my luck, mean girls, honey, grease & other chick flicks vcd that I've been yearning to watch but still stuck inside my cupboard. I miss spending time alone at home, doing some girly stuffs.

8:07 AM

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