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Friday, July 20, 2007

Yahoo! It's already Friday, the end of weekdays & weekends here I come!

3 reasons why I love Friday:

- It's the end of weekdays! Weekends = No work.
- Jeans are allowed on Friday.
- Not much work = Slack.

So there. I'm blogging in the comfort of the office, munching on 7-11 craze hottis. I love to snack on it along with my regular coke. Boss is outstation & I'm not that pressurised. One of my Thai colleagues is wearing 'I Love My Boyfriend' tee & it looks so cute! It's only SGD$4 in bangkok. Cheap or what?! Speaking of that, my boss is planning to bring us (Admin Department) for dinner & dance at bangkok at the end of december. Provided if I'm still working here.

So, yesterday night after work, small boy along with Fahmi & me, trained to Town for dinner. Town was not that crowded last night. Pool next for them & it was getting late so they sent me home. They slacked outside till 6.30am as they skip work. I actually have tons of photos to be uploaded but I'm just so lazy to upload it. Sigh. Wait till I'm not lazy. And for 2 days straight, I've been eating sundae hot fudge and right now, I'm still craving for it. Weird.

And I really hope, small boy will get a good job till his enlistment for NS. I simply loathe his current work as handphone is not allowed to be brought along. So imagine for 12 hours, I can't simply contact him. :( And oh yah, I've changed my number. So no more top up every single week. The bills I shall be worried the most. So, you guys know the drill for my new number.

Reply to taggers:
Aunt Nora: Hello! You too have a wonderful weekends with your family alright.
Sha: Body builder? Lol. He's body already like that lar girl.
Nisa: Yes, that one is my bf. He's not in ns. Yes, I always feed, feed, feed him! ;p
Sayuri: Well, hello! It's been a while too hor. You tc too k.
Q: You leaving me! And Aishah who's replacing you also quit only for 1 day work! It's not surprising though.
Dina: Hello. I'm doing great! I'm working as Admin Court in a law firm.
Adah: Yah! Not that cool though. Quite stress but the working environment is fun. That's why. Work makes me worn out at the end of the day. But the pay keeps me alive! :)

Oh no, the boss is skype-ing to me. Gtg go!

10:31 AM

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