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Friday, July 13, 2007

Reply to taggers:

Yana: Haha. Cause maybe I'm stress. Working is quite tiring.

Ifah: Yeah. Feels so sad lor.

Berry: I'm still the same lah! I miss you too and our regular bitching at school. Been ages since I last saw you!

Jaz: You're being missed too by me! Meet up soon please.

Adah: Hello! I rarely blog cause I'm so busy. I'm working at a law firm.

Nooren: Yeah. It's time for you to job hunt. All the best!

Annie: Msn with you alright!

Sheryl: I'm still considering cause I'm just so lazy to update.

A blistering two weeks, I am beyond tired. Exhaustion is really creeping up on me. Work for the past week is killing both my brain cells. Mc for yesterday and today and to last till this coming weekend. Seriously. There is just so much weariness one can get. It's been such a struggle. Desperately seeking an escape, something that can take me away from here. All the problems at work consume me, eat me up from inside till there is no energy left. I want to run and never turn back, but I can't, because this is what my life has been reduced to, and running would mean not living any longer. But I'm trying to hold on. I'm just waiting for my paycheck and see how it goes.

I woke up today and my whole back is aching. I had enough sleep last night but I wonder why I feel so lethargic. I'm coughing my guts out, very soon, my liver, kidney and all my internal organs as well. My nose is like a milcus dispensing machine. Weekend are meant for rest.

Goodnight people! Turning in soon...

8:42 PM

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