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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wanted to blog about yesterday, but laziness struck again. So everyone backtrack abit & rewind back to yesterday. We spent the night at causeway point. We discovered a new shop, Pink Yogurt, that sells yummlicious yogurt top with different kinds of topping that can suit your sweet tooth. It's at the basement and it's just a small stall. So I tried strawberry cheesecake yogurt while small boy had banana mango ice blended. We ate along with our bread & pastries. I like the taste of sweetness. Just to think of it makes me craves for more.

We sat near the water fountain, eating & drinking in our own world. Had a heart to heart talk too. It's been ages. Ooooh, we walked pass a handphone shop and saw N76 in red colour. Gorgeous colour.

Nice right N76?

Everytime I'm under my blk, on the way back home, this cat will always want to follow me back along with the kittens. The kittens are so adorable. Feels like bringing the grey one back home but my family has Kecik already. It's just ironic cause I was afraid of cats. And now, I overcome my fear of cats by actually owning one. Cats are just adorable creature on earth.

Hello! I'm the mother of the 2 kittens. Actually 3 but I don't know where the white one go.

The kittens drinking their mum's milk.

This is my little cute favourite kitten. Very action want to climb up but then stuck inside and don't know how to go down. Cuteness.

Pssst, my 19th birthday tommorrow. I love to recieve birthday cards (it just excites me) except from great eastern.

5:18 PM

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