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Saturday, June 09, 2007

So, my birthday celebration was great with my small boy & his family. On the actual day, small boy brought me to swensens first. We ate till we were fully bloated. I love small boy's order, 1/2 bbq chicken cause it is so delicious than my fish & chips (I love the tartar sauce!). Milkshakes for both of us except mine is chocolate. And I can't get enough of chocolate. Frosted chocolate malt for our dessert. Taste heavenly. We walked around for few hours till we our legs were tired and settled for ben&jerry. It was time for him to go to work. Oh, look at what he bought for me. I simply love the smell and not to mention the pretty package in pink. I think I'm beggining to be addicted to victoria's secret.

Pure seduction set.

The orgasmic b&j we had. Thanks small boy for all the lovely treat!

Just yesterday, I celebrated my belated birthday with his family. His dad drove us to vivo city and they got me body shop make up & body shower set. I'm gonna smell so good with all the gifts I recieved. The m)phosis slip on that I badly want was out of stock for my size. So sad, sad, sad. Coffee Bean next where they surprised me with a cheesecake and my favourite chocolate ice blended. But in the excitement, I forgot to take pictures. I was too happy lah! After the sweet induglence, we went mount faber to see the magnificent view. It is so pretty with all the lights. It was such such a breeze. Dinner at Ayer Rajah Food Centre at west coast next. What I love the most everytime I go there is the mutton chop. They send me home after that as small boy need to go to work. No pictures of the body shop set cause I left it inside the car. I know, I'm very forgetful.

Small boy's younger sis & me in the car while waiting for the guys to finish prayer at a mosque.

Right now, I have 3 big fat ulcer on my upper gum. I swear it making me no appetite to eat. Any idea on how the ulcer to be gone? Evil ulcer making me miserable. And now, it's time for me to look for internship. In fact, I'm going for an interview this monday. I have so many things to do but so little time. Hopefully everything will be settle by tomorrow.

So, tomorrow are meant for coffee breaks at the nearest starbucks. Or maybe I'll pop by town.

4:55 PM

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