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Saturday, June 23, 2007

So, I have not blogged often and I say I would! Haha, empty promises. I guess actions speak louder than words and trust me I will update more frequently. (:From the last time I blogged till now, well, nothing much happened maybe a few - don't worry, all's good. Yesterday night bbq was awesome with my sec school friends. OMG. It was so good to see each of everyone of them. Everyone says that I'm too skinny and duh, look at Eqin! Not much pictures were taken. Upload it when I recieved from Eqin. Mostly were spent eating, eating, eating.
Dinah, I'm so sorry cause I've been busy. Catch up soon, I promise.

Need sleep badly. My eyes are puffy due to crying late nights listening to this song. Yesterday night embraced me with a rather unbalanced mind with a little mix of exhaustion and maybe with a dash of maturity. But it's good to cry my heart out. Lunch later with the boy! I've spent 6 consecutive days with you. I'm not sick of it, not anytime soon.

Reply to taggers:
Shab: Aha. Is back! VS smells yummy. Hope you're doing good too darl!
Yana: Through his workmates. That's what he told me. You can try online shop for it.
Juz: I love my new phone! Gorgeous pink.
Eqin: Meet you at last! :)
Mirah: I also love it! Hmm, not sure. Try online shop.

12:46 PM

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