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Monday, June 04, 2007

Several Random Things:

1) My 19th birthday in 2 days time but I'm not excited at all.

2) Small boy suprised me today by popping over my place without informing me and we simply had lunch together.

3) My new haircut sucks to the core!!! Small boy promised to sponsor me for soft rebonding.

4) I miss hanging out with my babes, seriously. :(

5) GSS is everwhere. But I'm not really done any proper shopping.

6) I'm craving for sweet pastries. Like, cream puff.

7) I'm still trying to look for internship but to no avail. Maybe, I should find for jobs after I do some writing samples.

8) I want to paint my toe nails red but then I've run of nail polish remover. And, I always forget to buy it.

9) I've been watching chick flick movies in windows media player everyday especially the princess diaries.

10) This are currently what I badly want. Just a wishlist.

Nokia 7390.

Victoria Secret Love Spell collection.Guess wallet. Any design will do.

Coach wallet.

Guess handbag. Any design will do.

Make up from Anna Sui.

This lovely bracelet. If can, engraved with my name.

I'm off to sleep. Cannot take it already.

12:08 AM

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