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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday, accompanied small boy to see my family doctor. Everything is not that good for his health. Trust me b, I'll standby you no matter what happened.

Moving on, yesterday we met each other for lunch. Small boy ordered a new dish, nasi ayam percik. It was so tasty and spicy that I exchanged my chicken cutlet for it. For now, it's my favourite food to eat. As he promised me since last week, we went library to return the magazines and also I need to borrow books. Make way to his place for a while before going to chong pang to search for his new cellphone. Searched for the whole place before he finally setteld for motorola. And, I think I'm gonna ask my dad to buy me a new phone, nokia 7390 in pink. Yeah, pretty old phone but still I like.

While browsing for his phone, babe Dinah called and had a conversation with her. Dinah, I know your dirty little secret. Sheeessssh..... I promised my lips are sealed. ;) Dinner next with his mum & siblings at ljs, funny because each time im out with then, we'd go there for dinner.

I've been coughing my lungs out since last night. Need sleep badly.Being sick sucks. I can't eat all the unhealthy food I keep craving for. But right now I'm craving for Yong Tau Foo. A healthy craving is a good craving.

6:54 PM

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