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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Life is getting better. I still will update because there is no way, am I going to evacuate the blog that I have been most commited too. I nearly wanted to close down this blog but I'm a little bit disheartened anyway. At times like this, I resort to my blog. The only place I can string up my feelings and type. I decided to blog again. To kill monotony. Now based on my perspectives, I have got alot to say.

Me & him? We are not over. Job? I've just started looking for it. After the horrendous incident, I was not myself. I can't focus on my previous job as a Secretary. I love that job so much! But then I tried to stay focus but I can't. So, I quit. Now, I'm trying all I can to move on and lead a better life. Let's just hope all will be fine when I wake up to a brand new day and all the past's forgotten and I'll embrace the future that will still somehow glimmer with hope. I hope so.

Oh yeah, I bought a gorgeous Guess handbag recently for my mum as a Mother's Day gift and she loves it. I can't resist the word 'SALE' on every Metro Stores. I'm still not sure whether to buy Guess or Coach wallet. Drop dead gorgeous lah for both of it!

I miss online shopping. It's been ages since I bought something from there. I've been viewing & told myself to buy some stuffs but in the end I bought another stuff. I miss another thing too. I miss hanging out with my babes. Just few days back, I saw Ira at town. I've not been meeting up with Jaz & Dinah. Babe, I'm so sorry cause you've been calling/smsing me for a meet up but I always didn't turn up. You should know why. Now, everything is fine. I'm dying to catch up with you girls. I got lots of stories to tell.

Enough on my blabbering. I seriously need to find a job cause I've been going out EVERYDAY. Adult fares are burning a hole in my pocket. Tsk. And my dad kept asking me to help him which I don't totally like. Good night readers! Snuggle tight. Oh ya, I read some of the blogs from my link but it's just that I don't really tag that much. So don't worry, I'm still reading it. And, I will reply to your tags on my next post. :)

9:05 PM

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