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Friday, May 11, 2007

It's been a week since I last update. Let's just sum up the 1 week been busy, busy, busy. New job, ailing grandma who just been staying at my house, small boy's in and out from hospital. One whole week I've been in the sick mode but still I visit small boy everyday after work. Imagine, 9am-6pm in the office and rushed to hospital & will be back home around 11pm. Time is never an issue when it comes to love. Fatigue, but I braced myself cause I know small boy need me to be by his side. My heart broke when I saw my angel in the sick bay, lying down on the bed looking so pale. All I wanted to do was hold him in my arms and just be by his side. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

But thank god, he's been discharged yesterday & I really take care of him now. Meaning, eating a balanced diet & also cut down on smoking. I confiscated his cigarettes & he can only take 2 sticks per day. It's for his own good. His house is like my second home already. After his discharged, my immune system was not working well. So now I have medication and 2 days mc. Yeah, bad impression for just a 2 day worker to take mc. But hey, I'm not faking. I'm really sick.

Cause I'm busy with work & small boy, I neglected my grandma who is bed ridden. How I wish I have the time at home, helping my mum with the housework & taking care of grandma. Since I'm on mc, I intend to do housework especially cleaning up my wardrobe in the morning and will be collecting the free hampers courtesy of cleo in the afternoon. I hope tomorrow will be good. Back to work on saturday. Busy as bee, like always. TGIF!

1:51 AM

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