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Friday, May 25, 2007

Initially my plan for today was to go jurong east library to return the magazines and also at the same time to borrow some books or magazines. But small boy told me to stay at home. Pfft! As I have nothing to do at home, besides doing the housework, I have movie marathon with my grandmother. The classic P.Ramlee, the oh so sad Heart, the bitchy high school Mean Girls, the most favourite movie of mine The Devil Wears Prada. And after watching all that for 6 hours plus, I became tired of it.

And tomorrow, I'm going for small boy's friend, Wan Gold wedding. He's the same age as me & getting married already. Like what Jaz & Dinah always told me, 'malays tend to get married at a very young age'. Ironically, it's true. Mostly got pregnant at a very young age and the only solution is to get married. Well, if the father of the child wants to be responsible for it then the case is close. But what if he reluctant? Abortion is the other solution. I don't want to elaborate further for this. After the wedding then we'll be heading to Marina, I think. That's up to him & his friends to decide. Recently, there's lack of photos because my mum lost the digital camera's usb cable. So I have to make use of my cellphone which is not that good cause my memory card gonna be full already. I'm starving now & gonna raid the kitchen for food.

3:20 PM

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