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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I had the loveliest weekend; I think I'm falling all over again, and it feels nothing short of fantastic. :) It's unlike me to post entries so explicit, but we may have a future after all so why not. Even if we don't, I'm glad you're in my life, and (remember your promise) that we'll never leave each other's. You're amazing, and it's even more amazing that you still amaze me so even after close to two amazing years.

Move along, Small boy surprised me with rojak ciner the moment we met yesterday. Tell me, I was high in spirit and smiling from ear to ear as I was badly craving for the peanut sauce. So bf, you read my blog afterall. Started the day with lunch at Out Of The Pan, raffles city shopping mall. We sat near the fountain and it was such a great ambience for the both of us. Zahara next for his band perfomance along with his bandmates & their girlfriends. The perfomance were postpone till 6pm cause there were ganyut part 2 shooting going on. Pictures will be up after I get the photos from Hisham. The rest stay over while small boy & me cab our way to town because we simply can't find the bloody bus stop to marina bay. We were quite in rush as small boy need to take his medicine on time and also rushing for his work. KFC, Mcdonald, Gelare, Cahaya, BK, you name it, mostly were full. Luckily, long john silver were not packed. Grabbed our late dinner and accompanied train ride with him till his workplace. Such a long and tiring day.

GSS is everywhere! Best skali!

12:30 PM

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