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Thursday, May 17, 2007

1. Do you ever watch porn? If so how often?
Don't judge! I'm being extremely honest here! I watch it whenever I feel like watching it, I think it's more of a educational stint for me. I don't think what I watch is counted as porn.

2. Describe the most insane night of your life.
I'm one hell of a boring person.

3. If you could have any other name which one would you want?
Irah Elfira or Ferisya Syerin. I love both names, they have a really nice ring to it.

4. If you were able to hop on a plane & go anywhere in the world for just a day where would you go & what would you do?
Firstly, I would want to hop on a plane to Bangkok. I'd go to vintage shops to shop and buy everything and anything I want. Cheap, cheap trills! Not to forget, New York too!

5. Best childhood memory?
I would say my trip to Indonesia with my entire family. It was amazing, to be that carefree as a kid. I loved every moment there. Such an amazing experience.

6. Name a deepest, darkest desire.
To work with a media or publishing company. That's obvious.But what's my true darkest desire? To get married with my one and only one, Muhammad Azim.

7. Favourite way to celebrate a holiday?
No matter what holiday it is, it would be to sleep in without a worry regarding what I have to do on the day, then going out for a nice brunch, followed by a slow shopping session, medicure & pedicure. Simple but works for me. End it off with a nice movie and then a trip home for dinner or maybe some dessert to top it all off! Ultimately with my small boy.

8. What do you like to do on a rainy, dreary day?
Stay in, sit down with hot chocolate or milo and read a book. Either that I'll lie on my bed with the airconditioning on, flipping through old magazines. I like the smell of the rain too. I'd do anything at home, it's the best thing. Another thing to do would be to snuggle in my bed and just look out of the window at the sky.

9. One piece of clothing/accessory in your wardrobe that you'd fight for than to have it taken away from you.
For clothing, it will be my black & white babydoll top. I love it to pieces as it's a gift from small boy. As for the accessory, that will be my engraved name necklace & also our couple ring.

10. what is your biggest vice?
My appetite. It's weird. I eat little & I can be full fast. But when I'm hungry, I can gorge as many food as I want.

10:14 AM

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