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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunday was spent at the hospital in the afternoon along with my mum & sis. We sent my grandpa back home before we drop by jurong point to buy my mum's shoe. It was packed with banglas! EEEW. I won't ever go JP again at night. Got my stuffs too & we were a little hungry. So we just grab a bite at old chang kee cause all the stores were closing. Last minute we had ice kacang. And cause of that I had a terrible stomache. I managed to catch UGLY BETTY! My favourite of all. I love Amanda (the bimbotic secretary) and Mark (the gay dude). I'll be sitting on my sofa & laughing non-stop. Brillant potrayal of the stereotype. Best Ive seen on screen!

Monday had a last minute plan to meet small boy. Intend to watch movie but as usual the timing was sucky. So we had lunch first at banquet. Small boy ordered the wrong dish for me. I badly want chicken chop with fries but small boy ordered with boiled potato. It was tasteless and I was fuming with mad. We surveyed for his mp3 next and went sheng siong to buy tidbits. Oh, how I love tidbits especially cadbury double choc. We were tired so cab back to causeway point. Small boy suggested to take neo-print card & eliminate it. Turned out nice but the heading was wrong. I'm gonna take more neo-prints with him.

So today, mum accompanied me for job interview. We lost our way and it was scorching hot. What's more I was wearing black from head to toe. OMG. But we managed to find the place. So tomorrow I'm going to overnight at small boy's friend chalet at the other end, Tampines. Very far, indeed. Jaz & Dinah, meet up this friday please? Picture post in the next entry then.

9:32 PM

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