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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm simply just too lazy to update this blog of mine. Well, it depends on my mood. So today was spent at the hospital again before meeting with small boy. We were really clueless where to go. So we just hit town in intend to catch a movie but the timing was just not so right. We missed the 7pm + shows. Unfortunately, small boy start work at 11pm so we waste our time at starbucks, ordering oreo cheesecake, raspberry swirl cheesecake & chocolate ice blended with whip cream. I still love coffee bean's ice blended though. We killed time for almost an hour before we bid goodbye. I'm meeting my aunt with my cousin tomorrow for registeration of mdis. I'm beat actually of going out everyday. I'm broke. All I depend is on parents to give me allowance. Been finding jobs but I'm a little bit choosy of the pay. So any jobs vacancy, please email me. Forget about sales. I prefer office jobs. I better take my late night shower now. Are you readers listening to ria every 12am till 2am? There's this ghost programme that I won't fail to listen every night. Quite scary though. Oh well, I promise to reply to the tags tomorrow. Good night morning, you all. Sleep tight.

I have a piece of good news, I passed my GP with an A. All the hassle of going to the cyber cafe & babe's house really paid off although it was kinda last minute work I did. So bring it on, my dip. Shall I continue my advanced diploma or not? Sigh.

12:09 AM

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