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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm getting lazy to update this blog. I'm still thinking whether to just close it. Update for yesterday. Despite being sick (fever & bad cough), small boy accompanied me to get my testimonial & O level certificate back that was supposed to be collected 2 years ago. Before that, small boy have lunch at my house as we waited for the heavy rain to stop. After getting back my stuffs, small boy's house next cause he's house area is having pasar malam. You know, I absolutely love to buy food from pasar malam. Ramly burger, barbeque chicken, candy floss, cheeseballs, fruit punch. Ahhh.... I'm drooling thinking about it right now. We spent our time munching & munching the food and watching some vcd too. His mum came back and bought me a headband (I like!) & a teddy bear which is so fluffy. It's added to my fourth soft toy collection on my bed. His mum is just too sweet.

Today, mother flow decided to come & how I really hate it cause of the cramps & bodyaches. Every month, I dread of having it. But that's what a girl have to go through. :( Despite that, I accompanied mum to run errands at Tanjong Pagar before going back to the nursing home to visit my grandmum which I eventually fall asleep on the couch. I was too tired and sleepy. Back home, I took a nap again. But still, I feel moody & pms-ish.

How I misses my babes so much right now. Jaz, I still want to watch the material girls with Dinah. This two babes will start schooling on 16th april & they will be extremely busy by then. Eqin & Ira, both of you are having holidays so plan for a meet up soon please. That's about it. Happy good friday & I'm gonna rest the whole day tomorrow, watching good tv programmes.

Finally, tags replied.

Ilah: I'm still considering though. But still not sure.
Syiq: Hello! Buy at city link mall. FEP is always packed!
Jaz: Yes, thank you to you too for the laptop & designing the cover page. Also to Dinah! Heart you both!
Mirah: Thank you! And, I'm still considering too.
Juzailah: Personally for me no. Haha. Thanks for the wishes!
Fyza: Oh well, thank you for your concern. :)
Edna: Free advertising huh? Will check it out.
Eqin: Aww. Thanks! Congrats on getting together again. I'm happy for you.
Passerby: Well, just some random website.
Jaz: Thanks! :)
Aunt Nora: Thank you very much. Your thoughts is really been appreciated.
Kynz: Will link you soon ok.
Annie: I'm ok right now. Talk to you in msn alright.
Hi: Haha. Yes. Leave your name next time ok.
Atiqah: Hi girl!
Cha: Added you already!
Syasya: I didn't received any add up from you.

10:58 PM

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