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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I just can't sleep. Been tossing & turning on my bed. It's just not so comfortable anymore. I feel so eeeewww, yucky. Damn it, must be the pms. The day went very well although small boy was a little late. Had his hair cut at far east plaza & I'm inspired to cut my hair after flipping through some magazines. Yes, but only if have the ka-ching. That will have to wait after I get a job. I went down to buy my fried mars bar while he had his hair cut. My oh my, the queue was freaking long. So I waited & waited and got mine at last. Went to the hair saloon & small boy had his hair done. So freaking fast! Lunch next and off to catch The Number 23 at Cathay. The story is quite confusing at first. Thus, I give it three out of five popcorn bites. I was badly craving for starbuck's oreo cheesecake but small boy wanted old chang kee instead. So we grab a bite before we went to bugis. It's been a long time since I went there. That's when it all started & it ended badly. But I'm glad everything alright now. Small boy, I still love you no matter what. :) I'm noticing that my blog is lack of picture posts cause I'm simply lazy to upload it. My oh my, it's 1.59am already. Why I can't still sleep? My babes is not online. So boring!

1:58 AM

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